Wonderland by H.Storey and T.Ryan; with Interface (University of Ulster).
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Wonderland is a collaborative project by Professor Helen Storey MBE (Helen Storey Foundation and Centre of Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion) and Professor Tony Ryan OBE (PVC Science, University of Sheffield) begun in 2005 which examines plastic packaging and explores new approaches to it's use and disposal.

In Autumn 2015 a dress from Wonderland will be part of Utopian Bodies in Stockholm at http://www.liljevalchs.se/english/exhibitions/
See http://helenstoreyfoundation.tumblr.com/

Please contact the Helen Storey Foundation for more details and touring enquiries.

First shown in 2008, 'Disappearing Dresses' and 'Bottles That Become Flowers' showcased the ideas which Helen and Tony explored within the project. Led by the slogan 'Plastic is Precious', the works were exhibited in Sheffield, London and Belfast. These exhibitions, the accompanying educational site and the story behind the project can be explored here.

The ‘Disappearing Dresses’ went on to appear at the Royal Academy of Art, London and to tour Europe as part of the Futurotextiles exhibition over 2010/2011.

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“Wonderful Wonderland! A project filled with wisdom and great people, aesthetically and scientifically raising the awareness of real worries of the world. Making the dresses and seeing them disappear brings a strange sadness but proves that the Wonderland metaphor really works.
I am looking forward to bringing the beauty and challenge achieved in London and Sheffield to the people of Northern Ireland.”
Trish Belford, Interface, University of Ulster

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Wonderland in Belfast
8 Oct  – 8 Nov 2008

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Wonderland in Sheffield
18 June  – 13 July 2008

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Wonderland in London
29 January  – 29 February 2008

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A powerful project of shared ideas.  
Art. Science. Discovery.
Scientist Professor Tony Ryan, University of Sheffield.
Artist and designer Helen Storey, London College of Fashion.
Shining light on sustainability and ethical living.  
Science inspires art.
Art inspires activism.
Real solutions to real problems.
The start of something remarkable.
Disappearing dresses at Meadowhall.
Bottles become flowers at The Botanical Gardens.
The visual story at the Millennium Gallery.
The dialogue at the University of Sheffield.
Shock. Challenge. Provoke.
It starts here.

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